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Got a chance to have interview with a tattoo artist

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Since Im luckily got a job from my Client Project to create a website for a tattoo artist, and we had a meeting with her this morning, i could feel the passion of tattoo from the conversation with her, she just love tattoo very much!! im quite interested about her, she started working on tattoo since she was 16yrs old, been working 17years.....i have learned a lot from her even that was just an one hour meeting, she said: "Passion Not Fashion", this is very important to be a artist and the person who going to get a tattoo...! there's no regret at all after done, past is past, can't be return.

as my original plan before, i was thinking to have a interview to Lucky Diamond Rich (the most tattooed man). Now....Im thinking to change the film to be an exclusive interview with her and talk more about tattoo, because she's very happy when she heart Im going to have interview with her and make it to be a film and put on her website.....

Im still thinking which one's better. scratch

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