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Step 3: Texture

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1Step 3: Texture Empty Step 3: Texture on Wed May 05, 2010 2:23 pm

As the model finished. The first thing I need to do on texture is unwrap UV.
Step 3: Texture Uv110

Use the software UV layout to unwrap it, the result is like this.
Step 3: Texture Uv210

Then go to Photoshop to draw the texture. Use the origanal picture and use the photoshop functions to make the face fit. So we at the end I got a picture like this.
Step 3: Texture Uv310

Finally go to 3D Software, put the texture on and adjust the material as skin. Then put the classical three light and render.
Step 3: Texture Render10

Looks nice, isn't it. But this is not the finnal effect. I still have works to do to make it better.

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