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Dragon in Zbrush!

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1Dragon in Zbrush! Empty Dragon in Zbrush! on Thu May 06, 2010 5:07 pm

After the modeling, Zbrush is used for adding more detials. A normal map will be rendered after the Zbrush job.

*First of all, I should do the UV job. It was boring, but it's important. Shocked

Dragon in Zbrush! 1010

*The work in Zbrush should be started from the main part. I used Move tool to adjust the a little bit of the model and made the spikes.

Dragon in Zbrush! Z110
Dragon in Zbrush! 710
Dragon in Zbrush! 611

*About the scale part, I used a lizard's skin picture as a alpha brush. It's good but not perfect. I tried to draw the whole body, some parts are good but some are bad, so please give me some advice. Very Happy Very Happy

Dragon in Zbrush! Z210
Dragon in Zbrush! 510
Dragon in Zbrush! 810

I haven's finish it yet and any suggestion are welcomed! PLZ! Shocked cyclops

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