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1Ideas Collaboration Empty Ideas Collaboration on Wed Mar 17, 2010 9:49 am

Project Type: Videos
Genre: Documentary, Mockumentary, vBlog

Project Ideas

Idea #1

Documentary, Mockumentary
Film Title: Sydney On (Topic)

Summary: Mostly interviewing people about a topic that I’ve chosen on basically I’ll choose from a list of topics that people have voted on, and the title will be “Sydney On _ _ _ _ _” based on the votes such as “Sydney on Racism”, “Sydney on Sex” these videos will be interviewing people on the streets or at university, depending on the topic mostly voted on could be serious or could be a comedy.

Cast Crew: Byron Lam
Camera Man: TBA

Topics Floating: Sydney On
- Tiger Woods
- Asian people
- Underage drinking
- Drink driving
- Over weight
- Virginity
- Twilight
- IPhones
- Christianity
- Alice in the Wonderland
- Beer Belly
- Drugs

Idea #2

Title: N/A

Summary: Again making a bunch of stupid things, funny things based on topics hat are more orientated to daily life such as parents, work, teachers etc.

Idea #3(For my main video)
Title:Weird moments with bLam

Summary: Basically it's a video that i want to put in the mockumentary, where i'm the main character in a car and this lady walks past and we're old acquaintances and recognize each other, we chat and we have decided to go on a date but something weird happens which you'll have to watch. i don't want to tell more because it might ruin the funny part.

also thinking of having 2nd thoughts on just having a bunch of funny little stories compiling them as one story or something like that

Idea #4(For my main video)

Summary:I'll be taping what i usually do in my daily life so you can know a little about me and my friends, what they do and what i get up to out of school. i'll try and make it funny. will have my friends' dog in it show everyone some tricks, have my cat here as well but she won't do anything.

shoot me interviewing the dog for practice, or the cat.

Idea #5
Things that I'll do in the video.

1. Might use my friend as a human chair, ask the interviewee if they want a seat see if they want to sit on my friend.

2. Gonna try and put on an accent.

3. Ask silly questions, when i do I'll lower my voice

4. We don't actually have a microphone so we'll just use the microphone we got from band hero
and they'll think we're joking around and will be curious about the microphone

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