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2624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer

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------- My project is:

Make a website for my potential customer who want to make a website for his/her company or some kind of service. What I want is to make my website look professional and easy to use, so that customer will believe I have enough skills to make his website look cool and useful, and I also want to put some templates which are what I found from internet or made by myself, so if customer can look into templates section, they will get idea about what kind of website they want, and which template he would like to use or change something base on a certain template. And if possible, I hope I can use database skill to build a log in and comment system, which allow customers to comment my templates or anything they want let me know, so I can get some feedback and improve my design or add some functions to my website. If time enough, I wish I could also make a Chinese version, because I want to target Australian and Chinese customers. And, I will add some Ad which can follow user screen (such as moving Ad), and bring Google research to my website, it will make customer easy to find something is what they want. At last I will try my best to do SEO, because I want my website is searchable for my potential customers.

------ Schedule

Week 1 – week 4 Develop idea about website

· Week 1 – week 2 Thinking and plan
· Week 3 – week 4 Develop site structure and design visual interface

Week 4 – week 9 Build website

· Week 4 – week 5 Making home page and subpages templates
· Week 6 – week 8 Making flash and database system
· Week 9 Put all website together and check linking

Week 10 Upload and Test

-------- WBS
----- Develop site structure
-- Make and find some cool templates as my website content
-- Create a content delivery plan
1) Site view
· Site mapping
· Setting name conventions
2) Page view
· Wire framing
· Naming & labeling

----- Design visual interface
1) Color skin design
2) Creating graphic templates

----- Build my website
1) Create website templates for home page and sub pages
· Create website interface
· Fulfill functions which is I expect (such as, using database system, AD)
2) Fill my website with content
3) Link all my websites together

----- Test and upload
1) Test my website at local folder
2) Upload my website
3) Test my website online

It is initial plan
Very Happy

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take this floor for next time use bounce

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good plan~

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42624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer Empty wireframe on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:30 am

2624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer Wirefr15

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52624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer Empty Design_V1 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:32 am

Still working on banner, cos I decide to make a flash banner,and make it search engine friendly.

2624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer My_web11

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62624_Sam_Making my website for potential customer Empty my first php website on Mon May 24, 2010 8:02 am

As I plan a website for myself gona be my first PHP + MySQL website, but plan alway be a plan, my first website did for "client project", but I learn at this subject...So I post my client's site, u guys can have a look

username: admin | password:admin

And my website will be locat at
I haven't finished it, but you can have a look

This is first time I learn PHP+MySQL, so it be tough, but I quiet enjoy it...
this is a good subject to learn new staff...

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