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2638-Karter Weekly Update

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12638-Karter Weekly Update Empty 2638-Karter Weekly Update on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:14 pm

Week 3
it was a presentation week. i was present my concept and my artwork including show a logo.
In this devPro subject i will create 2 restaurants branding one is call "fusion restaurant and bar". the other one call "fusion the Noodle bar"
. for these two brand i will design all the graphic need for day to day basis in the restaurant.
here's the list of what i am going to design
1.logo card
3.Table mat
4.complement Card
5.Letter Head
8.Webpage Design
9.Poster Advertisement
11.Take away box design , inc. table and take away
13.Present Booklet
every thins mentions above will be printed for real and take a photo represented in a Hardcover Booklet.

here's is a restaurant logo that i will use for design all graphics.

2638-Karter Weekly Update Fusion11

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22638-Karter Weekly Update Empty Week4 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:00 pm

This week was mainly working the scope and design document and get it ready for hand it in on week 5. in this week i have been research about the light box get ready and prepare for my product photo shoot and here is the reference i have found on the internet.

Have a LOOK !!!

A Quick & Easy White Box (Light Box) for Product Photography
Posted on December 17, 2007 by JasonTomczak
I thought I’d post a little photography-based tip for those who are interested. It’s how I built an inexpensive but very effective white box (or light box) for white-background photography. After searching numerous websites for suggestions on white boxes, I was left pretty disappointed. The cardboard box suggestions were the worst. They resulted in sloppy contraptions that gave awful color integrity.

At long last, I found a short mention of using white foamboard from Office Depot (Staples, whatever). Desperate, I went with that suggestion and was very pleasantly surprised with the results. I bought several 2′ x 3′ sheets of white foamboard – five in total. The foamboard’s ultra-white surface has the wonderful ability to gently disperse light. The foamboard is also very rigid and makes it easy to construct a 5 sided box that doesn’t get wobbly or weak.

I used a full-sized sheet of foamboard for the bottom surface. I cut 2′ x 2.5′ squares from two foamboard sheets and used them for the left and right sides. A 2′ x 2′ square was used for the back of the box and a 2′ x 2.5′ sheet for the top. Standard masking tape was used to affix the boards together and create the standing box. I would have preferred to use white duct tape or white masking tape, but neither Home Depot nor Office Depot had any in stock.

The slightly-longer bottom extends out from the box for a little more white runway in angled photos. I then used a razor knife to carefully cut several flaps in the top of the box for properly angled lights. These flaps can be opened or closed, depending on what angle I want light to shine. Cutting holes (and not flaps) is discouraged, because it causes a permanent light drain, inhibits internal reflection and, if you’re shooting anything highly-reflective (like glass, bottles, etc.), the dark hole will show up as an annoying artifact on your object.

2638-Karter Weekly Update IMG_7504_light_box

To reduce the inevitable horizon line from the bottom joint of foamboard sheets, I used a couple sheets of ultra-white paper taped to the backboard of the box, with a sloping angle, then taped to the bottom foamboard sheet.

2638-Karter Weekly Update Drawing

As for lighting, I used three cheap articulating lamps from IKEA. They cost $8 each. They’re awesome because the insides of the lamps are coated in bright white paint. The key element in this setup is the actual light bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs cast a terrible orange glow that can ruin shots. I opted for bulbs that had near-perfect light. They’re “daylight” CFL (compact florescent) bulbs that have a color temperature of about 5000 or 5500. (Incandescent bulbs have color temps around 8000-9000 – way, way too orange for any decent photos.)

2638-Karter Weekly Update IMG_7508_light_box

With the white box built and the bright white bulbs installed, I set up a tripod for some test shots. Here are a few test results:

2638-Karter Weekly Update IMG_7689_drill

2638-Karter Weekly Update IMG_7501_lens

Here's the original Link to the site of this guy's

i please to say thanks to Jason Tomczak for his great way to do this Stuff!!!

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32638-Karter Weekly Update Empty Week5 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:57 pm

Summition week of design and scope document, i have already upload the document to JIVI, this week i also finished a business card, and table matt.
Have a look my complete and ready to printed stuff this week below.

2638-Karter Weekly Update Busine11
Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Back]

2638-Karter Weekly Update Busine12
Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Front]

2638-Karter Weekly Update Table_10
Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Table Matt]

2638-Karter Weekly Update Busine13
Fusion The Noodle Bar[Back]

2638-Karter Weekly Update Busine14
Fusion The Noodle Bar[Front]

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42638-Karter Weekly Update Empty Week 6 Update on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:38 am

Here's are more design for this week.

2638-Karter Weekly Update Comple10

2638-Karter Weekly Update Comple11

2638-Karter Weekly Update Noodle10

2638-Karter Weekly Update Fusion12

2638-Karter Weekly Update Fusion13

2638-Karter Weekly Update Take_a10

2638-Karter Weekly Update Take_a11

2638-Karter Weekly Update Poster10

2638-Karter Weekly Update Poster11

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52638-Karter Weekly Update Empty Week7 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:44 am

Photo shoot Week see sample below.

2638-Karter Weekly Update Fbox0110
2638-Karter Weekly Update Fbox0210
2638-Karter Weekly Update Fnbu0110
2638-Karter Weekly Update Fnbu0610
2638-Karter Weekly Update Frbu910
2638-Karter Weekly Update Frbu210
2638-Karter Weekly Update Frbu610

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