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2638-Karter Weekly Update

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1 2638-Karter Weekly Update on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:14 pm

Week 3
it was a presentation week. i was present my concept and my artwork including show a logo.
In this devPro subject i will create 2 restaurants branding one is call "fusion restaurant and bar". the other one call "fusion the Noodle bar"
. for these two brand i will design all the graphic need for day to day basis in the restaurant.
here's the list of what i am going to design
1.logo card
3.Table mat
4.complement Card
5.Letter Head
8.Webpage Design
9.Poster Advertisement
11.Take away box design , inc. table and take away
13.Present Booklet
every thins mentions above will be printed for real and take a photo represented in a Hardcover Booklet.

here's is a restaurant logo that i will use for design all graphics.

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2 Week4 on Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:00 pm

This week was mainly working the scope and design document and get it ready for hand it in on week 5. in this week i have been research about the light box get ready and prepare for my product photo shoot and here is the reference i have found on the internet.

Have a LOOK !!!

A Quick & Easy White Box (Light Box) for Product Photography
Posted on December 17, 2007 by JasonTomczak
I thought I’d post a little photography-based tip for those who are interested. It’s how I built an inexpensive but very effective white box (or light box) for white-background photography. After searching numerous websites for suggestions on white boxes, I was left pretty disappointed. The cardboard box suggestions were the worst. They resulted in sloppy contraptions that gave awful color integrity.

At long last, I found a short mention of using white foamboard from Office Depot (Staples, whatever). Desperate, I went with that suggestion and was very pleasantly surprised with the results. I bought several 2′ x 3′ sheets of white foamboard – five in total. The foamboard’s ultra-white surface has the wonderful ability to gently disperse light. The foamboard is also very rigid and makes it easy to construct a 5 sided box that doesn’t get wobbly or weak.

I used a full-sized sheet of foamboard for the bottom surface. I cut 2′ x 2.5′ squares from two foamboard sheets and used them for the left and right sides. A 2′ x 2′ square was used for the back of the box and a 2′ x 2.5′ sheet for the top. Standard masking tape was used to affix the boards together and create the standing box. I would have preferred to use white duct tape or white masking tape, but neither Home Depot nor Office Depot had any in stock.

The slightly-longer bottom extends out from the box for a little more white runway in angled photos. I then used a razor knife to carefully cut several flaps in the top of the box for properly angled lights. These flaps can be opened or closed, depending on what angle I want light to shine. Cutting holes (and not flaps) is discouraged, because it causes a permanent light drain, inhibits internal reflection and, if you’re shooting anything highly-reflective (like glass, bottles, etc.), the dark hole will show up as an annoying artifact on your object.

To reduce the inevitable horizon line from the bottom joint of foamboard sheets, I used a couple sheets of ultra-white paper taped to the backboard of the box, with a sloping angle, then taped to the bottom foamboard sheet.

As for lighting, I used three cheap articulating lamps from IKEA. They cost $8 each. They’re awesome because the insides of the lamps are coated in bright white paint. The key element in this setup is the actual light bulbs. Standard incandescent bulbs cast a terrible orange glow that can ruin shots. I opted for bulbs that had near-perfect light. They’re “daylight” CFL (compact florescent) bulbs that have a color temperature of about 5000 or 5500. (Incandescent bulbs have color temps around 8000-9000 – way, way too orange for any decent photos.)

With the white box built and the bright white bulbs installed, I set up a tripod for some test shots. Here are a few test results:

Here's the original Link to the site of this guy's

i please to say thanks to Jason Tomczak for his great way to do this Stuff!!!

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3 Week5 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:57 pm

Summition week of design and scope document, i have already upload the document to JIVI, this week i also finished a business card, and table matt.
Have a look my complete and ready to printed stuff this week below.

Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Back]

Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Front]

Fusion Restaurant and Bar [Table Matt]

Fusion The Noodle Bar[Back]

Fusion The Noodle Bar[Front]

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4 Week 6 Update on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:38 am

Here's are more design for this week.

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5 Week7 on Wed Aug 25, 2010 7:44 am

Photo shoot Week see sample below.

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