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12882 Wei Empty 2882 Wei on Fri Aug 06, 2010 8:56 am

In this project, I am planning to creative a flash website, to display all the works I have done during the AIT study period.
Since we have done many works in AIT, I don’t just want them to lie on my hard disk, I want to display them, share with people, and turn them into real value.
The website will be finished by HTML + Flash, and the content into four part:

1.Who is this Guy
Introduce my self, include name, education background.

2.What does he do
In this area, some information about my skill will be introduced. I will also put in some of my design experience relate to poster design, CD cover design, 3d animation scenes, website design, letterhead design, business card design, etc.
There will be a link to a Flash gallery. Therefore people will be able to visit the real artworks I have made.

3.How to contact him
I will put my contact details here, also include online a summit form, which can be filled in and sent a mail to my email address)

I will put my design works here, so visitor will be able to see the real artworks I did before. It’s a flash dynamic gallery, and I will make a simple backend so the content can be easily updated.

I choose Flash to coding my website because I want my website to be looking creative, not just a general looking website. Flash will help me to produce more creative effect.

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22882 Wei Empty Design on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:00 am

TaskTask BriefedImplement
Define ProjectSet the project scope and goal.Week2
Project Plan DesignSetup the schedult for each taskWeek3
Develop Site StructureDivided the main content part of the website.Week4
Visual Interface DesignCreating website interface in Photoshop CS4Week4
Flash Elements CreatingCreating website elements in Flash CS4Week5
Flash Interface CodingWorking on Action Script, turn graphic into animationWeek6
Html CombinationCombining FLASH animation into html fileWeek6
Site ValidationChecking for html coding error and CSS errorWeek7
Beta Version TestWebsite Internet ready. Testing in real internet environment.Week8
Site Usability TestChecking the function and browser compatibly.Week8
Final Version TestFix the error and run a new test.Week9
Collect Feed BackCollect feed back from testers.Week10

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32882 Wei Empty Re: 2882 Wei on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:10 am

This is the pre-loading interface design. In the middle of the windows,there is a logo which looks like a mouse cursor,is zooming in and zooming out.

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This is the contact page interface design. It’s made by flash but link with a php file,to handle the real sending email process.

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